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Cheat Narrows 

The Cheat River is one of the most beautiful and longest free flowing rivers in the eastern United States.  This means that, unlike dam controlled rivers which are the same every trip, the Cheat can offer you a new experience every time you run it!  At high flows there are the thrills of multiple class III rapids and long wave trains while lower flows bring a mix of class II and III rapids interspersed with slow clear pools that are perfect for swimming. 

Because the river level fluctuates we match the craft you'll be in to the water level.  At higher water levels you'll be in a raft with a professional guide but as the water levels come down you'll have the option to paddle your own "duckie" with our expert guides showing you the way.  Whatever the craft you're sure to have a fun day on the water! 

The two trips we offer are great for both kids and adults. The Deluxe trip, with it's delicious lunch and slower pace is perfect for anyone who wants to spend most of a day enjoying the river.  The Express trip is ideal for those who want to experience the good life on the river but have less time.


They both begin at our river outpost in St. George where you will get fitted with gear and then take the bus to the put in.  From there it's 5 to 8 miles of whitewater thrills mixed with awesome float experience! Our photographer will be catching every splash, crash, and laugh so after you take the bus back to the outfitter there will be awesome pictures to peruse of your adventure.  For more information, including a detailed list of what to bring, check out our FAQ page. 

Don't want your adventure to end just yet?  We have camping available if you want to spend the night by the river - or make a weekend of it and do a fun flatwater float the next day! 

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Remember Every Splash and Smile!
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