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1. Where do I check in for my trips? 

All trips start at our river outpost in St George where you get the gear for your chosen adventure and take a shuttle to the put in. 

2. What facilities are available at the River Outpost?

    We have a bath and changing house with hot showers conveniently located to both our day parking and camping areas. Our outfitter store is available for all your last minute river needs and souvenirs to help you remember your fantastic day on the water. 

3. What should I wear? 

  •     The easy answer is quick-drying clothes that you don't mind getting wet or dirty.  Things like bathing suits, quick         drying shorts, rash guards or quick drying shirts are ideal.  Shoes that stay on your feet are a MUST.  Water             shoes, old sneakers or sandals that strap to your feet are great.  Flip flops, crocs, and slides are not.  

  •      Don't wear any cotton - as soon as it gets wet it pulls heat away from your body and will make you cold. 

  •      Especially for day long trips wearing something that protects your shoulders from the sun can help prevent               sunburn. 

  •      Waterproof sunscreen for any exposed skin. Don't forget your nose and ears!  

  •      You may appreciate a hat that keeps the sun out of your eyes/off your face.

  •      Sunglasses can make your day more comfortable.  Polarized sunglasses are recommended for fishing trips               since they make it easier to see into the water.  We highly recommend a glasses strap/retention device to keep         the glasses from ending up at the bottom of the river in the unfortunate event that they come off. 

  •      If you're unsure of what might be appropriate for the current weather conditions feel free to contact us! 

4. Are there additional things I should wear if the weather is cold? 

     In spring and fall the sun may be warm but the air can still be fairly cold.  We rent wetsuits, splash jackets and                 booties but also recommend a synthetic (polypropylene or fleece for example) or wool top and fleece or wool                   socks.  Again - AVOID COTTON - as soon as it gets wet it pulls heat away from your body and makes you cold.               Just because the air is cold doesn't mean you have to be!    

5. What else should I bring? 

  • Change of clothes for after the river. 

  • If you're going to bring a camera/phone we highly recommend having a waterproof container for it.  On guided whitewater trips a camera isn't necessary.  You can just enjoy the adventure and let our photographer capture all the action.   

  • Flatwater trips may appreciate having snacks and beverages. Stay hydrated and avoid hangry! 

  • Kids can get bored easily when you're just floating.  For flatwater trips things like squirt guns or water toys can help keep them enjoying the trip.  

  • Cash for tipping your guide. They're awesome and they work hard to make sure your trip is great. If you appreciate it, tips are a great way of letting them know! 


6.  What shouldn't I take on the river? 

     Anything valuable.  Everything that goes on the river has the potential of getting wet, broken or lost.  So leave                anything you'd be even mildly heartbroken to loose back at the outfitter.  You can check your car keys with us so your      other valuables can stay safely locked in your vehicle. 

7. What if it rains? 

     Our whitewater rafting trips go rain or shine.  You're going to get wet either way and some of the prettiest moments         on the river can come right after the rain.  If you're concerned about the weather contact us.  We can't change the           weather but we can help you enjoy it! 


8. What if the water is really high or really low? 

     Because the Cheat is a free flowing river water levels will fluctuate throughout the season.  For whitewater trips we         choose the type of craft (rafts or duckies) and the put-in to make the trip as fun and safe as possible.  For flatwater         rentals, if the water gets low enough we will discuss with you what you want your day to look like and we may                 suggest changing your craft or put-in to make your trip more enjoyable.  In the event of extreme high or low                     water, where the river is not safe or possible to navigate, we will contact you and you may reschedule your trip with         no penalty. 

9. What if  I can't swim? 

     While swimming is a great skill, many people enjoy the river without being proficient swimmers.  We will provide you       with coast guard approved life jackets on all whitewater trips and with all flatwater rentals.     

10.  Do I have to have enough people to fill a raft to book a whitewater trip? 

       Nope! Whether you come alone or bring 39 of your closest friends we will have a spot for you. Our trips have a 6             person minimum, so if you're coming with less than 6 we'll combine you with other groups to make sure everyone           gets to have a fun day on the water.  In the extremely unlikely event that we don't hit our trip minimum we will                   contact you and reschedule or refund your trip. 

11.  Is there somewhere I can stay if I'm getting back late or want to spend multiple days on the water? 

       Yes! We offer camping at our river outpost.  Check out the Camping page for details.  If you'd like something a little         more refined, check out our Area Attractions page for other places to stay. 

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